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The Goals of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


        As we have moved to the next millennium, Alpha Kappa Alpha will be "Blazing New Trails" in service to all mankind. The trial may chart our course. The trail will not be completed in one day, it will take the work of the many hands and the creativity of our minds to accomplish our goals. "Program is the heart of Alpha Kappa Alpha" is often quoted by our Supreme Basileus. Our programs will map out solutions to problems which plague our communities.


The world we seek, in the new millennium, is one where a child's need for time with his or her parents is a top priority; where family togetherness is prized; where family ties are reestablished; where parents consider the well-being of their children; and where homelessness doesn't exist.


We can only prosper if we are prepared for the work force, if we getthe high paying jobs, and if we promote black businesses. It is important that the Black community gain empowerment. Ownership remains the key to wealth and power in America. We must arm African Americans with the information and encouragement they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

This goal will focus on financial planning and management, employment, entrepreneurship in the 21st Century and Black Dollar Days.

Our target goal is QUALITY EDUCATION for all.

AKA KIDS must enjoy and excel in learning. Parents of AKA KIDS must be involved in the education of their children. AKA KIDS must become responsible adults. IVY AKAdemy will continue to serve as the umbrella for all educational training and human resource development experiencesprovided by local chapters and will stress reading, writing,speaking, listening, mathematics, science and technology.


Healthy bodies make healthy minds; therefore, we must encourage youth and adults to take good care of themselves, eat well, excerise and enjoy good physical and mental health. Parents must be inspired to help their children make healthy choices.

This target goal will focus on health issues that disproportionately affect minority populations, especially African Americans as well as health issues specified in the President's Race Initiatives.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Health Net is "The Premier Health Information Site for all People of Color" All are welcome here!

Here you will be able to interact with those that might have an illness concern similar to YOU! There will be comprehensive information about Chronic Illness. AKA HealthNet will target specific areas for preventive education. These are just a few topics that you will be able to find on the AKA HealthNet Site.

Target V: THE ARTS

Alpha Kappa Alpha, throughout her rich heritage has continually focusedher attention on the arts. In many of our schools, the arts are nolonger included in the curriculum. Alpha Kappa Alpha can fill this void for we know the arts can improvethe quality of life for all mankind. The arts can be a meaningfulvehicle for communication and education. Therefore, we must continue to heighten awareness of the arts, support arts education, promote potential artists, augment appreciationof the arts, and make the arts available to a larger public.

This goal will promote Summer Arts Programs
and arts performances. It will also recognize African American in the Arts.